MRC Rail Runner


This rugged utility robot allows for safe observation of the safety of the nest. 

The MRC Rail Runner provides autonomous raise inspection using modern and tested technologies. This utility robot, installed on a MRC (Mechanized Raise Climber) rail, climbs and performs a video inspection of the face or the entirety of the raise.

The robot then returns to the operator in the nest with HD video of the MRC development work area. The resulting files are stamped with the capture date and time.

What's Included:

Starting at $19,500

  • MRC Rail Runner

  • Tablet

  • Case

  • Internally Rechargable Lithium Ion Phosphate battery 

Key Autonomous Features:

  • Auto returns to point of origin once it has reached the top of the raise. 

Other  Features:

  • Touch screen tablet control

  • Data and time stamps HD Video and images. 

  • 2HR Run Time 

  • 1080p Images and Video 

  • Export to USB

  • 2000 Lumens of LED lighting