Deep Traax

Starting at:​ $8000​

Sector Applications:​​

  • Mining - Drifts, New Headings, Stopes

  • Oil and Gas: Penstocks, Pipe Inspections

  • Construction and Transportation: Culverts and Drainage Pipes

Key Features:​​

  • 1000 Lumens - High Intensity LED strips provide
    ample light on front and back support clear video
    and visibility

  • Low latency and low light LUX analog FPV camera
    that is streamed for recording

  • 200M+ Range

  • 2 hours + Battery Life

The Tech in ACTION 

This unit provides ground based configuration of the LiDAR Enclosure.  It's light, fast and durable. 


Our Deep Traxa unit was developed to easily carry our LiDAR enclosure for ground based scanning.


Durable and adaptable the Deep Traax utility vehicle can also carry the Leica BLK stationary LiDAR. 

What's Included:

  • Depp Traax Unit

  • Transmitter 

  • First Person Viewer (FPV) screen

  • First Person Viewer (FPV) charger

  • 2x Battery's and charger 

  • Tablet

  • Case

  • Optional Leica BLK adapter


Portal Screenshot3.bmp

Point-Cloud heading surveys - DeepTraxx Mounted DB3 Drone enclosure

Culvert Scan - DeepTraxx Mounted DB3 Drone enclosure

Portal Screenshot6.bmp

Ore Heading Surveys - DeepTraxx Mounted DB3 Drone enclosure