SafeScan Ground


SafeScan Ground brings together our on board point cloud
generation using our SafeScan LiDAR scanner, and our DeepTraxx platform. This integration
supports access to difficult points of access in ore pass and waste pass assessments that you
can see what to this point has been inaccessible When ventilation, obstacles or access openings
make the use of UAV technology too risky or
impractical the SafeScan Ground can easily gather
survey data.
This unit combines our UAV/Drone
innovation with a rugged 4wd wheeled
vehicle that is water resistant and durable.
Our unit can produce point cloud scan results
that are generated onboard in under 1 hour and can be processed on route to surface and
exported to a USB.
Immediate results and more data in real time allows for improved planning and decision support.


What’s Included? 

Starting at: $56,200 

  • SafeScan + accessories

  • SafeCam + accessories

  • Rover

What’s Included? 

  • Touchscreen tablet control

  • Corner 4 direction high intensity LEDs

  • FPV recorded to MicroSD

  • 600,000 points per second, in 360 degrees of orientation

  • Produced onboard post scan in under
    60 minutes

  • 10 minutes post scan a 2D
    visualization is available on the tablet
    to confirm point cloud coverage and
    scan path.

  • 90 minutes battery life

  • Rechargeable battery

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