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While our passion for drones has led us to create leading edge underground applications, our 'boots on the ground' experience has given us the insight to resist the temptation to force fit drone solutions to every real situation.

We have listened and learned that what matters beyond safety is the successful collection of data while at the same time assurance that doing so does not slow the operational cadence of the site.

The result has been the creation of supporting solutions to fit conditions unfriendly to flight, autonomous or otherwise.

All of our products feature a robust support model to ensure your complete and continuing satisfaction.

The camera box is ideal to enhance the use of Droid and Rover technology and is complete with forward, backward, and vertical cameras.

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We have created a solution bundle that brings together our camera box innovation, on board point cloud generation using our liDAR scanner and our customized rover platform.

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The minicam allows for the assessment of old workings, shafts and tight areas. The small diameter and range make this equipment a utility to access and document tight spaces.

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This rugged utility drone integrates the latest LiDAR technology with an open platform flight controller.

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The easy to deploy, lightweight unit is easy for assessment of conditions and potential hazards prior to executing full LiDAR scans.

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This LiDAR platform can be lowered into any open space for a complete point cloud generation.

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