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SafeSight Drones Grow Angel Wings

'We have a lot of great talent and innovative ideas here in the community and often it’s difficult to find the venue and the voice to garner investment and find mentorship on the operational level'

Three successful entrepreneurs took to the stage to see if they had what it took to grow angel wings—so to speak. Les Blackwell of MetricAid, Mike Campigotto of SafeSight, and Jeremy Bridge-Cook of Rna Diagnostics Inc., give a 15-minute pitch of their companies to potential investors with Northern Ontario Angels (NOA) for the North Bay PITCH 2017 event at the Grande last night.

"Angel investing plays an essential role in economic development, NOA chair Chris Winrow said. “With its partners, NOA is recognized by the National Angel Capital Organization as one of the top angel investment groups in Canada. Whether you are an active or potential Angel, an aspiring entrepreneur or simply interested in strengthening our business community.”

Each showcased young and innovative companies from the region, across mining and health sectors, the three companies delved into what made them worthy of investment from the local Angels.

Blackwell highlighted some of the massive progress MetricAid recently, especially the jump into the British market. Based in downtown North Bay, the business uses an algorithm to match predicted volumes of patients arriving in the emergency department with the performance of the department and individual physicians.


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