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Put Away those Bicycle Wheels

Over the last 100 drone flights we have developed a deep understanding for the realities of drone application underground. That understanding has led to the recognition that note every survey or ground support situation is a "best fit" for our cutting edge LiDAR enabled drone. Obstacles to application are high ventilation, significant leads or mesh on the back that make flight high risk.

Our mission is to ensure that we get the scan, video or key data that survey or ground support need while ensure that we operate from safety. These challenges and our intention led to the develop of our new DeepTrax Scanning unit. More versatile that tracked droids the unit can easily navigate LiDAR scanners into place.

While supporting safe operation this unit also has the following advantages:

  • Low costs, this retails for about half the cost of conventional wheeled or tracked Droids

  • Lighter and faster Deployment

  • With a LiDAR unit attached the DeepTrax eliminates many of the shadows inherent with CMS technology.

Our focus is about innovating a tool set that meets the real needs and pace of underground cycle time. Only by thinking beyond what we know can we truly support digital transformation.

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