Striving to Imagineer

Aspiring to make a difference

Our diversity helps us imagine and engineer to create innovate solutions. Our intention is to re-imagine how things might be done in order to create safer operations but at the same time to support the digital transformation in the the mining sector.  

We are committed as a company to sustaining a high level of customer support and engagement long after the activation of any of our digital solutions.

Our core team represents diverse specialties in:

  • Mining Engineering

  • Robotics and Software Development

  • Electrical Engineering 

  • Embedded Systems

  • Geology

  • Drone Flight and Construction

  • Innovative Thinking 

Mike Campigotto


Nathan Lintner


Jamieson McCausland

Robotics and Software Lead

Lucas Tignanelli

UAV Specialist & Developer

Talia Tignanelli

Operations Manager