Pilot Training

New skills for a new era

Our innovative training approach allows students to master the basics of underground drone flights in a 3 day curriculum.  


Developing Pilot Core Competencies

Our approach takes students through flight basics by working incrementally using a series of drone configurations. Students develop core competencies and muscle memory to build foundation skills and safety requirements.


Drone Progression

Participants progress through more sophisticated drones in both size and complexity and learn their application in various field scenarios. At all times the safety standards that we have developed from our field experience are integrated into the curriculum. 

Simulator Support with Underground Maps


The course is also is supported and supplemented through online simulation. We have developed cloud based underground virtual maps and drone simulation units.  Simulators allow pilots in training to practice using their operational flight controllers and FPV Goggles. This builds fine motor skills for the field in line of sight (LOS) and beyond line of sight (BLOS) use of our technology with no risk to equipment or their operators.

Underground Graduation LOS and BLOS


An important part of knowledge consolidation relies on practical experience. The practical portion of our program finalizes the training with live underground demonstrations that allow each pilot to demonstrate the flight core competencies for LOS and BLOS flight.