Drone Flight Missions

Our Primary Mission is Safety 

Our services focus on turn-key delivery of mission specific drone flights that enhance overall safety while providing an immediate return on investment. We measure our customer impact in terms of time to complete, cost to execute and increased safety of personnel by removing the human element.

Turn-Key Delivery 

Safesight Flight Teams are fully trained for independent on site operations. Flight teams include a mission UAV Pilot and a mission specialist with expertise in mining engineering and/or geology. 

Predefined mission bundles (flight missions) that focus on:

  1. Shaft Inspections

  2. Ore-Pass and Waste Pass – assess erosion, conditions, hang-ups

  3. Safety Inspections – assess variances or debris

  4. Raised Borehole Support

Mission Outcomes

Customers can choose from a set of mission outcomes including:

  • HD digital images

  • HD 360 video 

  • LiDAR imagery

  • Mission debrief and reporting