When art meets Science

At SafeSight, we live in a corporate culture of innovation. We have applied our passion for thinking and seeing things differently beyond the latest drone, LiDAR, battery and camera technology and toward client challenges underground. The result has lead to collaborations with leaders in the digital transformation of mining and the creation of step change solutions.  Our innovation framework is proving to be of value to our clients and we believe the industry as a whole. 

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 Innovation lives here.

Coming Soon - From Inside Our Innovation Hub

There is no can't, won't or shouldn't...there is only How Might We? Here are some of the innovative solutions coming in 2019 from our SafeSight Labs.

Adaptable Autonomy - Thinking Drones 

Like many innovators of underground drone technology, we too are on the journey towards autonomous flight. We have learned a thing or two about the ideal conditions which autonomy must operate after over 45 successful drone missions. In addition we believe that autonomy BLOS is a practical solution that supports the value chain model (VCM). 

Our innovation team is rapidly moving toward adaptable autonomy. Alternatively, it is the implementation of our SafeEngine within the drone's flight controller which allows the pilot to interact with the on-board decision making process. The drone must collaborate with the pilot, pause, direct, explore, and think before choosing a flight path.  While this sophistication has required additional time and investment it has resulted in the foundation of a rich feature set and supporting apps to innovate upon. Field testing of our Thinking Drone 1 will starts late summer 2019.


Safer MRC Assessments and Inspections 

Safety and compliance is at the heart of this new robot. It is designed specifically to remove operators from harms way. Imagine a light weight, clip-on robot that can climb the rail and create a date and time stamp on images or videos assessing the face after

each blast.


Transforming Mine Rescue 

Extending the capacity, reach and range of mine rescue. Our new mine rescue drone features integrated gas and thermal sensors as well as over 600m range and one corner BLOS capabilities. Supporting both assessment or search and rescue this new drone configuration will allow us to give back to the mining industry in a very special way.


Our new SafeCam Mini goes where no drone can fly, yet. Designed to fit into openings as small as 15cm, this unit feature high Intensity LEDs, a low light nose mounted FPV camera and a top mounted HD 360 camera. It is ideal for shaft scans and tight spaces. 

Seeing Deeper - 360 Mini Cam