Safescan - Cable Ready

Starting at:$41,200

Sector Applications:​​

  • Mining - Raises, Old workings, shafts 

Key Features

  • Touch screen tablet control

  • 600,000 points per second

  • 5-10 cm accuracy

  • On-board point cloud creation

  • Export to USB

  • 360 degree FOV camera (5.7K)

  • Low LUX downwards camera

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Long battery life (> 2 hours)

  • Water resistant

The Tech in ACTION 

This LiDAR platform can be lowered into any open space for a complete point cloud generation.

In addition, it can be mounted to:

  • Droid, robot

  • Our DeepTraax;

  • Underground vehicles for "drive in access"

  • The DB3 Drone Platform

to complete scans in drifts, raises and stopes.

What's Included?

  • SafeScan

  • Tablet

  • On-board software

  • Battery charger

  • HD camera

  • Case


Access to Old Workings and restricted access to Shaft and Skip compartments.